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In the Year 1981 Rev. Fr. Jerome Rego, the then parish priest of St. Anthony' s church obtained permission...



Once a lady came to St. Anthony's church on Tuesday. She lost her bag in the shrine during the Mass. After Mass is concluded she came to know that she lost her bag in the church. Immediately, she went to the miraculous ivory statue of St. Anthony and prayed with lot of faith, saying" you are the finder of the lost things, you should find my bag" and she went home. The next Thursday when she came to the shrine, she found her lost bag at the same place shrine she use to sit at the church. All the things which were in the bag were intact.

A couple of this parish married 15 years and without any issue. They prayed to St. Anthony and asked for the child. It is miraculous they are now blessed with a beautiful girl child and are happy in the family.

In the year 2007 - 2008 a HIV positive patient came to the Shrine and prayed St. Anthony for her sickness. In the faith she attend an annual retreat in this Shrine. After 4 months she went to St. John's Hospital for the medical for test. She found to her surprise and for the Doctors that there was no HIV Positive found in her blood. Now she is happily living with her 2 children.

Every Tuesday one lady comes from ramamurthynagar for this Church a prayer. She is a faithful devotee of St. Anthony. One day when she was cooking in her home, that too on Tuesday the rice cooker was burst and the complete kitchen filled with steam and cooked particles sprayed throughout. Once again St.Anthony's miracle worked she came out of the kitchen without any bodily injury and even a single grain amount of cooked particles on her body.

One Gentleman from Ramamurthynagar married and the couple could not have any child. They were worried and they used to pray regularly to St. Anthony in this Shrine. When nearly 5 years past the wife could not conceive, he got angry and said" my wish is not fulfilled and he was rejected. One day St. Anthony appeared in his dream and have him a pocket of injections and medicines and he started believing St. Anthony and he restarted to come to the church. After a couple of weeks his wife was conceive and now they a beautiful male child.